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The Hidden People: A Documentary Film
Tucked inside the jungles of Costa Rica, there is a tribe of indigenous people called BriBri, who have lived in a region of Costa Rica called Talamanca for over 3,000 years. Unfortunately, the BriBri culture faces an uncertain future as land development and nearby deforestation are forcing the natives to adapt to modern ways.

Ken Herft, the filmmaker, narrates the story of these hidden people as it is told to him through the eyes of Don Candido Morales, one of the last medicine men of the tribe. As Candido discusses their struggle for survival and demonstrates how their natural resources are used as traditional medicine, we get to the heart of their culture, their hopes, their fears, and their plans for survival. Ken's journey with Candido also includes a visit to the schools, a boat trip down the Urin River, and an intense hike deep into the jungle to a place called Alturin in the Talamanca, where we see how Candido and his extended family still live the traditional ways.

This film demonstrates how the power of traditional BriBri values is beginning to lose ground. Some of the young adults are being enticed to move into the modern world that is encroaching around them. As each generation comes of age, some will move from their homeland and break the chain of the tribe's heritage. Until one day, there may be no natives, no traditional ways, and nothing left of the BriBri, but a few artifacts and a scarce amount of written material. This film documents their culture so that it will not be lost forever inside the minds and ways of the older generations.